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Oceans Hotel Ocean View Conference

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Ocean View Conference

Capacity of 40 people, 80 Cinema Style. Lounge and Aircon facility

It’s time to go back to the basics. Where most businesses shifted over to doing video & teleconferencing it is essential to maintain a human connection in a modern world with advanced technology. That is why making use of the Ocean View Conference room is what your business needs for quality team building exercises to boost the morale of your valued employees or to meet with important clients that could potentially mean big things for your company. We even provide snacks and beverages, a data projector and a PA system with a microphone at request. It is said that good food brings people together. Here at Oceans Hotel we go the extra mile to cater for all your needs.

Oceans Hotel African Conference Room

New Look Coming Soon

African Conference Room

Capacity of 40 people, Cinema Style. Kitchenette & Service Area

Whether it is for a business function or perhaps a social gathering to celebrate something major happening in your life you are going to need a venue. With that venue you might need some delicious snacks and drinks, perhaps a data projector to assist with a presentation or a slide show of some memorable pictures taken. Oceans Hotel offers all that and so much more. The African Conference Room can take up to a maximum of 40 people it is the absolute perfect facility to have your business meetings, throw a great tea party or celebrate the birthday of a loved one.

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